Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zoe's Kitchen = YUM

Zoe's Kitchen

Lean Turkey Pita w/ a cup of fresh fruit (w/ water)

Calories: 374 Fat: 11g Carbs: 50g Protein: 25g

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Today Michael (my hubby) and I spent most of the day out so we ate out for lunch. It's hard to find...more so pick healthy choices when I'm out. But today was a success! We ate at Zoes Kitchen and I had the Lean Turkey Pita with a cup of fresh fruit. It was super yummy and it was so much I only ate about half of it (yay - only half the calories!). I'm learning to find these options and have a plan before we go out so I don't even have to look at the menu. I'll be adding my healthy finds to the blog as I discover them!

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