Moving Goals

keeping track 5lbs at a time
Lose 5 lbs  (2.3.11)
Lose 10 lbs (3.1.11)
Lose 15 lbs (3.21.11)
Lose 20 lbs* (4.17.11)
Lose 25 lbs (6.12.11)
Lose 30 lbs (7.10.11)
Lose 35 lbs
Lose 40 lbs*
Lose 45 lbs
Lose 50 lbs
Lose 55 lbs
Lose 60 lbs*
Lose 65 lbs
Lose 70 lbs*
*reward yourself with a mini shopping spree (if the budget allows!)

things I want to be able to do, do at least once, or do on a regular basis

Run a mile nonstop
Cut out caffeine
Cut out sodas & sweet tea
Drink 64 oz of water a day 
Exercise 6 days a week 
Take a multi-vitamin daily
Hike the Blue Trail at Oak Mountain (13.5 miles)
Bike the Red Trail at Oak Mountain (17 miles)
Play racquet ball
Do a real push up
Do a real pull up
Run a 5K
Fit in my wedding dress
Lose 70lbs