Monday, August 29, 2011


Well friends, August was not my best month! I don't know about you but when I don't have a regular routine it throws everything outta wack! I finished a summer job August 2nd, moved into a new place that weekend and settled in and unpacked the next week, got sick for a few days, then went on a 10 day trip. Needless to say I rarely exercised and we ate out a whole lot....which always makes it hard to make good choices. AND needless to say...I didn't lose any weight this month. Blah...such a disappointment. I got back in town Saturday and started a new job today, things are falling back into place and I'll be on a regular routine again.

I definitely lack some self discipline. I don't use my time wisely during these times. I don't plan ahead. I put things off. And I put things off until they never happen at all.

I need some help in this department...

What do you do to help you during these seasons? How do you stay disciplined on vacation? Or when you lack a routine?

Friday, August 12, 2011

still here!

Just checking in! We moved into our new place this past weekend and things have been a bit crazy. I got a bit off track with exercise...although I know I got plenty moving day! Whew! Things are starting to settle and I'm excited to have Homewood Park across the street - equipped with a wonderful walking trail. Also...I gave up on the Daniel Fast. Boooooo. I was already losing momentum and then moving didn't help. When your kitchen is packed up the easiest thing to do is eat out...which makes following the detox difficult. However, I did do it 7 days, I felt better and I got the needed boost to eat healthier...which was my intention all along. I can wallow in my failure to complete it or move on and strive for better. I've chosen to move on! I'm sure I will do it again in the coming days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

moving log

So I've decided to give myself a clean slate on my moving log. I've deleted all my workouts and I'm starting over with August 1st. I've summarized the (deleted) workouts by providing some stats from those first 6 months. And I hope to beat them in the next 6 months!