Thursday, October 6, 2011

small victory

Just thought I'd share a small victory...

Over the weekend it got a bit chilly and the early mornings required a jacket. So I pulled out our tub of jackets and coats. And I'm happy to report they fit much looser than last time I was wearing them! They were actually getting too tight last they fit perfectly! Also...I've said goodbye to large t-shirts...I'm now a medium. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

going vegan

I've watched a handful of documentaries about health and food, which usually focus on the downfall the American food industry...which usually moves me to make changes in my diet out of disgust and frustration with the industry...and maybe a little concern for my own health.

However, this weekend I watched a documentary with a little different spin - Forks Over Knives. It did highlight the poor quality of our food industry but mostly it talked about the effects of food, particularly food from animals, on our health. There are some staggering statistics that prove a plant-based diet prevents and sometimes reverses disease....and diets that include meat and dairy have caused disease and obesity. If you haven't - watch it! (It's on Netflix instant watch.)

Fortunately, Michael watched it with me and when it was over he said, "I want to try vegan for a week." I was stoked because I would never imagine Michael offering to go vegan for more than a few hours. Obviously my hope, and I think his is too, is that we'll continue longer than a week. So I'm sayin it - I'm going vegan. At times, we'll probably stray a bit from the vegan diet. The documentary highlighted that a small amount of animal based foods would not harm it's all about balance and eliminating as much of it as you can. It's a sacrifice definitely but there are just too many benefits to not do it. Food is suppose to help us live a full and healthy's not suppose to cause obstacles.

Michael and I want to live a more simple and intentional life. We've been trying to live with less over the past couple years. We've sold a lot of stuff, moved into a tiny apartment, and we try to make do and reuse what we have. And I think it's only natural that we go about food the same way - simple and intentional.